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– Filz Built Bicycles –

Filz Built Bicycles was established in 1995 when Randolph Filz (Randy) decided there could be a niche for custom assembled mountain bicycles in the Northern Virginia and Mid Atlantic region.  Randy took the time to research and test products that encompassed a true custom mountain bicycle down the the smallest part.

“Over the past 20 years, we have refined our custom bicycles so that the rider can have the bicycle of his or her dreams”

Filz Built Bicycles clients are discerning in that an off-the-shelf bicycle will not fit their needs.  At Filz Built, our clients have a high regard and appreciation for quality products and the personalized workmanship Randy applies to each custom bike.  Randy takes great pride in creating the ultimate product for each of his customers, according to their specifications, ride style, and personal preference.

It has been a great learning experience for Randy, as well as affording him the opportunity to be around world class athletes and teams who ride the bikes and components that are on the leading edge of the sport.

Randy chooses to remain a small, independent bicycle dealer so that his focus is on the high end user as he believes ‘only in war, is more better”  Life on a custom bicycle or any bicycle is a very personal experience, even if the rider is with a group.  The bond is between rider and their bike.  The choice of what, with who and where to ride is as personal as it gets

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